Two Main Types of Cheap Stock Photos

There are many types of cheap stock photos but these two are still the main – Royalty Free and Rights Managed. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You just have to determine your creative needs and budget to make sure you are purchasing the right type for your projects.


  • Royalty Free does not mean the cheap stock photos are free of charge. They are available for a small amount of money. The free in royalty free means that the images are available for a one-time flat fee. You do not have to pay for royalties every time you use the stock photos. Download ones and use the images multiple times without additional fees. You can use RF images with no time limit, too. However, there is only a limited number of how many images you can reproduce. They are also not as well executed as the next main type of stock photos.
  • Rights Managed is another main type of cheap stock photos. With this type, you have a lot of fees to consider. The final price of the images will depend on a number of factors, such as usage, media, location, print size, duration, and industry type. Unlike royalty free, RM images include exclusivity rights. If you want to use the images for your branding, you can purchase these rights so other competitors, especially your competitors, won’t be able to use the image in their own campaign. They often have higher quality, but it does not mean that they are more expensive. As we said, it still depends on a number of factors.

Most creative professionals use royalty free on their creative projects as they offer more freedom. While they have a few restrictions, they can be used in any project for as long as possible without additional fees. However, RF cheap stock photos are not as perfect as customized photos. They are only a close approximation of the originally conceived idea. Nevertheless, they are still effective. Plus, they are cheap and quick to acquire.

While they may not be a perfect solution, they can still deliver. You just have to find the right cheap stock photos for your projects. If you don’t want to use the images used in other sites, dig deeper through the page results. You may find the image you need that has not been overused.

Stock photography has its own merits and demerits. When you are on a tight budget and time constraint, you may find it as the best solution for your creative needs. They don’t require much time and expenses for lengthy photoshoots, but some may look a little stock-y. But this disadvantage can be reversed. You just have to take your time in finding the right cheap stock photos. Don’t give up. They are there – deep down.

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