The Right Way to Use Adobe Stock Photos

Non-profit organizations who do not have the skills to take professional photos and the money to hire a talented photographer benefits most from Adobe Stock photos. However, some stock images can look totally generic and fake, making it important to know how to find and use the images that complement your theme and story. Here are some simple tips on how to use stock photos properly.

  • Avoid images with testimonials or quotes. Using images with quotes and testimonials does not only diminish your credibility, it also places you at risk for copyright infringement of intellectual property.
  • Avoid white backgrounds. Using white backgrounds is just as bad as using Adobe Stock photos of people in natural settings. It makes the image look generic and fake, which are big no-no’s in achieving professional design.
  • Avoid using random stock photos. If your stock images have nothing to do with your mission or business, drop them. Keep in mind that stock images are supposed to complement your message. Adobe Stock has over 45 million of images in its library, you can read a review here, you will surely find one that suits your creative needs.
  • Download higher quality images. Sure low resolution images are cheaper but they never look good enlarged. If you wish to use the images for print in the future, do download higher resolution images.

  • Use Creative Cloud applications if you know how to. People can spot inconsistencies and can distinguish altered images. If you want professional-looking images, make sure you have the skills and the expertise to use CC applications before attempting to do so.
  • Download Adobe Stock photos. Adobe Stock offers world-class royalty-free images for an attractive price. If you want to keep your costs down without compromising quality, purchase stock photos.
  • Read Adobe Stock terms and conditions. Keep in mind that different stock photo agencies also have varying rules on using their photos. To avoid any legal issues, which may cause financial and legal damages, take time to read the specific requirements on how to use Adobe Stock photos.
  • Choose images that elicit action. If you are looking for images with people in them, be sure to choose those that reinforces your mission.
  • Make sure your images are up to date. Stock photos with outdated technology and fashion take away the credibility and authenticity of your blog, website or business. Make sure that the people in your photos are wearing current fashion trends or using modern technology.

Curated by Adobe, Adobe Stock has millions of high quality images and videos, which you can get by paying per image or subscribing to a plan. All you need to do is choose the method that meet your needs to jump-start your next creative project and make it amazing.

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